Music at Saint James

Music is a vital part of Saint James' worship experience. COVID has caused many things to be rethought, but we are happy to say that we are able to join together again in singing praises as a congregation. With Robert Baird, our newest staff member and organist, we will be able to bring back our handbell and children's choir as soon as possible.

Watch & Listen to the Choir

Adult Choir

The Saint James’ choral experience is one of a strong community, music education and history, as well as leadership. The choir at Saint James’ is open to all skill levels and schedules. Each rehearsal dedicates time to train voices to sing and to read music. Additionally, the choir has numerous opportunities to sing even if dedicating every Thursday doesn’t fit your schedule. One of the most vital elements of church choirs is their role in worship. Aside from the choral anthem, the choir serves to lead and inspire congregational singing for all the hymns and service music. The music for worship is practiced and sung with the same intentionality as the choral music.

If your interest has been piqued, join us! There’s always an open spot in the choir.

Hand bells

Those who do not sing or play an instrument can find an outlet in hand bells to celebrate their faith.  When we began many, many years ago, several members could not read music, but their desire to express themselves overcame their reluctance to try, and today the hand bells choir performs challenging and inspiring music skillfully and prayerfully.