Softball Team

We’ve gotten approval through Parks & Rec. to have the Taylor field again this year on Wednesday evenings starting at 6:00pm Warm ups to begin at 6:00pm each day. 2- I-hour games to begin at 6:15pm Co-ed, ages 14+ All family members welcome, there is a great playground in left field that youngsters can enjoy. It’s been a great tradition to meet up a Fosters Grill after each practice/game to enjoy some time together. All are welcome, so come join the team for some food, drink and fellowship. We will likely share players to field two teams with any challengers that don’t have enough players. Of course, assuming we have enough to share😊Current Proposed (tentative) Schedule: (all opponent’s TBD)

6/22, 6:00pm- 1st practice & quick tune-up to the field (don’t worry about bringing tools)

6/20, 6:00pm - 2nd practice6/27, 6:00pm - 3rd practice

6/29, 6:00pm- 4th  practice and 1 hour scrimmage Game 17/6, NO GAME- Forth of July weekend

7/13, 6:00pm- Game 1 (Oak View Bank)

7/20, 6:00pm- Game 2 (United Methodist)7/27, 6:00pm- Game 3 (Warrenton Church of Christ)

8/3, 6:00pm- Game 4 (TBD)

8/10, 6:00pm- Game 5 (Emmanuel in Delaplaine)8/17, 6:00pm- Game 6 (PATH intern challenge)

8/24, 6:00pm- Field open for practice in preparation for the St. James Church/School championship8/31, 6:00pm- Game 7, Church vs. School

Any questions? You can reach out to Colin or Mike anytime: Colin Borgstrom- (540) 270-3285Mike Taylor- (571) 237-3344