Refugee Ministry

Saint James will be organizing a new ministry team over the summer of 2022 , a Refugee Ministry, to work with Afghani and potentially, Ukrainian, refugees. This program has been approved by your Vestry based on a robust and positive response to our recent Refugee Sunday program May 1, 2022. Saint James will partner with Greenwich Presbyterian Church in Nokesville to offer this ministry. Greenwich Church has a well-developed ministry and Saint James will be able to respond by matching our resources and capacity to the needs of individual Afghani families as designated by Greenwich Church. We hope to be able to develop relationship with refugees as we learn about, and respond to, their needs.

Saint James is in the process of adopting a refugee family from Afghanistan, who more than likely will be admitted to the U.S. under the SIV (Special Immigration VISA) program. We are working very closely with Greenwich Presbyterian Church and expect to have a family assigned to us any day now. For this ministry to work, we specifically need the following volunteers:  

1) One to two males who are willing to be our parish representatives to work with the family. We already have Joanne Charles and Christine Bobal to represent us, but very much need some males. This team of three to four persons will do the actual meeting with the family and facilitating arrangements for getting the family settled. All guidance will be provided by Joanne and Christine. This might require some daytime and some evening hours (up to five hours a week) and usually most of the arrangements can be done in a few weeks, 2) Anyone with any contacts in the car sales industry, please contact Joanne Charles, 3) People that can help with a furniture drive. Joanne Charles H 540-364-2989,

For more information, please contact Joanne Charles

C 757-373-6967,