Welcome to the Episcopal Church (Confirmation) Classes Starting Soon!!


August 10, 2022



August 10, 2022


While church life has not been easy over the past two and a half years, one of the real joys coming out of the pandemic has been the influx of very intentional visitors.

A few questions often asked by such newcomers are :

What is the Episcopal Church?  I'd like to learn more about the church, her tradition, teachings, practices, etc...  

(Well, you will have to come to the classes described below for all those answers).

How do I join the Church?

(There are two questions baked into this.  Firstly, how do I join Saint James' which just requires reaching out to Nancy, our parish administrator and expressing your intention and where you may currently be a member.  The second question is how do I join the Episcopal Church, which involves learning more about the tradition - digging in deeper to question number one - and being confirmed or received (if you have already been confirmed in another tradition) or baptized (if you have never been baptized) into the Episcopal Church.)

Do I have to join the church to participate?

(No, absolutely not.  While we encourage you to consider making such a public commitment to the church, you are welcome to participate as you are comfortable.  Other than serving on vestry, all other ministries and activities are open to all who are interested).

Am I welcome to receive communion?  

(Yes, the Episcopal Church welcomes all baptized Christians of any tradition to receive Holy Communion.  This extends even to our youngest members.  However, at Saint James', we hold that Christ would welcome ALL people to the table and at each service invite ALL to come and receive).

What will be asked of me if I join?

(The church depends on all of her members and participants to do and to support the work of the church.  There is no firm answer to this question, but I would encourage all who consider Saint James' their church home, to attend with the regularity their schedule allows, to discern what ministry or ministries they may be drawn toward, and how they might support the parish financially.)

These are all great questions and if you are curious, I encourage you to attend our WELCOME TO THE EPISCOPAL CHURCH class taught by your rector, Ben, and Bishop Ted.  This class is preparation for our first official Bishop's visit in several years on October 23rd.  

The class is intended for preparation for confirmation, reception or adult baptism on October 23rd, but all that would like to put their toes in the water and learn more about the church are strongly encouraged to attend.  If you would like to learn more about confirmation, reception, or baptism, please reach out to Fr. Ben in advance of the classes.  The classes will take place Sundays at 9:15-10am from September 11th through October 16th.  If you are a teenager (grades 8-12) interested in confirmation, you may either attend these classes or Ms. Taylor will provide information regarding youth confirmation preparation.

If you plan on attending, please reach out to Nancy Nancy@saintjameswarrenton.org.  Please also indicate to her if you are interested in confirmation, reception, or baptism.  Thank you.