Table Talk: Ten Best Ways


September 9, 2023



September 10, 2023


Ten Best Ways

Today in Children’s Church the childrens heard a Godly Play story about the laws God gave Moses to share with his people. The central laws, The Ten commandments are still the basic rules Christians are expected to follow in their interactions with God and all people. 

God didn’t say these rules would be easy, God said they were the best ways. God challenged His people to act always through love and to show that love through their actions. 

The Ten Commandments

  1. Don’t serve other Gods
  2. Make no idols to worship
  3. Be serious when you say my name
  4. Keep the Sabbath holy
  5. Honor your mother and father
  6. Don’t kill
  7. Don’t break your marriage
  8. Don’t steal
  9. Don’t lie
  10. Don’t want what others have

Table Talk Questions

  1. Why do groups have rules? What is the purpose of rules?
  2. How many of the 10 Commandments do you remember? Can you say them?
  3. What can you do to make sure you follow these rules?