From the Green Corner: How do I begin to help my planet?


January 4, 2023



January 4, 2023


Choose one of the following and do it faithfully

• Pray. As Christians, we seek God’s guidance in problems, and we act in hope, knowingwe are never alone. We are never without hope.

• Calculate your carbon footprint. <>

• Have a family conference. The effects of climate change will be with our children and grandchildren. They need to be involved. An overwhelming situation can cause an anxiety that freezes us into inaction: simple actions, no matter how small, can help overcome that anxiety and move a solution forward.

• Stay informed. Use multiple media sources.

• Decrease your burning of fossil fuels (automobile, lawn mower, use of electricity). Eachgallon of gasoline burned produces over 18 lbs. of carbon dioxide. Document yourdriving, then intentionally decrease it. Reduce your lawn/mowing area.

• Reduce use of herbicides and pesticides. Use only native species in landscaping.

• Go meatless one day per week. If you do this already, increase it to two days.

• Avoid food waste. Composting organic matter reduces methane production in land fills.• Call and write your legislators on the local, state, and national levels. Vote. Always.

• Don’t buy anything unnecessary. Give gifts of nonprofit donations, food, or plants.

• Use re-useable shopping & produce bags. Avoid pre-packaged items in plastic.

• Buy American-made products. Not only does this provide jobs, but the item has beenmanufactured under EPA guidelines.

• Buy local food as much as possible, read the stickers on your grocery’s fruits andvegetables. Start a garden, no matter how small.

• Recycle. Everything. Always.• Electricity: What powers your power plant? Do you have options with your provider tosupport and use clean energy (check your monthly bill)? Reduce your consumption.

• Bump your thermostat up or down 1 degree to reduce heating/cooling use.

• Consider that, as Americans, we consume enormous amounts of the world’s resources. Consider what, as Christians, we owe to the refugees of climate change. Discuss and consider with your church a plan of action for climate refugees.

• Support research in science and engineering, STEM in education.• Do what you can to protect and increase areas of healthy forests. Trees absorb and usecarbon dioxide.Do not be daunted by the enormity of the world’s grief.Do justly now. Love mercy now. Walk humbly now.You are not obliged to complete the workBut neither are you free to abandon it. THE TALMUD