Saint James' Builds

Saint James’ Builds is a wonderful ministry that has reached out to the community and into the hearts of those parishioners who join in the builds. A person cannot help but be changed when they commit to work and follow in Christ’s footsteps. Not only does this ministry help right here in our local community by changing lives, but it also follows Christ in another profound way, for He was a carpenter.

There is something down to earth and up to heaven about following Christ in this unique form of ministry. We help a family or an individual through dirty, hard and challenging work, it can be exhausting, but in the end, there is so much to be thankful for.

The people we help are grateful, so often they have had very hard lives and this one last problem was just too much. So becoming a part of this ministry is a way to lift a portion of their burden. In doing so, you reflect your own unique love into their lives and provide a much needed source of light.

We’ve had over 50 people participate in one way or another, from building, to providing food, to scouting and determining needs for the build. This is a hands on ministry that needs more participants and makes a direct impact that is immediately visible in someone’s life. And better yet, you do not need to be a skilled builder to work on one of these projects! Willingness and a good attitude are all we need.

Thus far Saint James’ Builds has participated in several Habitat for Humanity Builds and worked on multiple homes in our communities of Fauquier and Culpeper counties. Please come out for the next build to make a difference, change a life and bond with each other & God.

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